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CoinDCX Rebranding Campaign

CoinDCX is India’s largest and safest cryptocurrency investment app which was previously CoinDCX Go.


Purpose Studios was approached by CoinDCX Go to create a video to rebrand itself as CoinDCX, through the reveal of its new name and logo.


To cater to the target audience by launching the rebranding of CoinDCX with a fresh and sleek logo reveal, reflecting their mission of a more simple and unified communication.

  • We visually showcased the brand’s shift from CoinDCX Go to CoinDCX with a seamless and minimalistic motion design. In a span of a mere 20 seconds, we effectively relayed the message to the audience.

  • Music was an integral part of the film and the upbeat rhythm and beatbox were used to keep the audience engaged.

  • We used simplistic design and a crisp color palette to make the video brief while also not indulging in any information overload.

  • We found a creative solution for CoinDCX’s business challenge of redefining its brand identity.  

  • The easy-to-follow visual flow of the ad allowed CoinDCX’s 10 million+ app users to easily understand the modifications made in the app interface.

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