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HRX Brand Film 2019

HRX is a brand by the actor Hrithik Roshan along with Exceed Entertainment and Myntra with the tagline “Keep Going” to inspire people to achieve their fitness goals.


To create an aspirational and visually stylistic brand film that highlights HRX’s latest fitness apparel starring Hrithik Roshan.


During our creative process, from ideation to execution we sought to undertake the brief from a fresh and differentiated perspective. 


With an opportunity to shoot the industry’s fittest and hottest celebrity, we knew that a conventional brand film wouldn’t suffice. Instead, we conceptualized the film as an authentic and ‘making of’ style. Not only would this capture the desirability of Hrithik Roshan but also establish HRX as a facilitator of fitness goals.

  • To promote HRX’s innerwear line, we shot Hrithik Sir candidly posing confidently and working out during a photoshoot, which effectively reflected the sexy and sensual mood.

  • Music was an integral element to keep up with the high energy of the film. Along with the voiceover, the sexy appeal is blended with an inspiring and motivating narrative – ‘dream less, do more’ which fits with the core philosophy of the brand HRX.

  • There was no VFX, or CGI involved. The film was completely raw and uncut to allow greater resonance amongst the audience.

  • From fans to fellow celebrities, the brand film was widely loved and shared by all. More than just a promotional campaign, it became a timeless testament of the brand’s core message and positively publicized Hrithik Sir’s personal branding.

  • The video garnered over 40 lakhs+ views across platforms and the comments made it all worthwhile. Celebrities such Abhishek Bachchan, Vir Das and Zoya Akhtar shared their awe and admiration. 

  • The internet was quick at doing what it does best – making trendy reels. From popular pages like Filmfare to fan page edits, user-generated content and engagement with millions of views helped the campaign gain a wider online presence.

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