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Dreams Do Come True​

A much anticipated follow-up to our successful campaign - #HRXHeroChallenge, here's how we captured the journey of the HRX challenge winners and inspired HRX's fitness community.


To develop and execute a film with the HRX challenge winners - Ayli and Pooja - and create aspiration in the HRX Community to work towards their fitness goals.


We chose a community-driven, organic approach that appeals to the target demographic - and inspires them to be a part of the HRX community by giving them an opportunity to not only meet Hrithik Roshan - but also partake in the campaign photoshoot with him. 

  • The film essentially documents the journey of the challenge winners right from when they land in Mumbai to their entire experience with the campaign shoot. 

  • Driven by pure emotions and real moments, we treated the film in an organic, and unscripted style interwoven with a storytelling format, to capture the heart-warming and unforgettable experience of the winners, enabled by team HRX.

  • This campaign set the tone of the brand, and emphasized its message of inspiring people to be the best version of themselves.

  • Being a follow-up to the #HRXHeroChallenge - this film took a detour from traditional marketing, and chose a story driven approach - from Reel to Real. 

  • The campaign helped in fostering community building - and strengthened the brand connect. HRX is now widely recognised as a brand that puts community first. 

  • It was recognised by Mad Over Marketing for leading the way in leveraging brand building - and actually walking the talk. 

  • It garnered an organic reach of over 50k views across all social media platforms. 

  • Through this initiative, HRX successfully created an aspiration amongst its community - and solidified its presence as a brand for the people.

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