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HRX Workouts in Lockdown

‘Workouts in a Lockdown’ was HRX’s first-ever user-driven campaign where consumers became creators in the crowd-sourced brand film.


To produce HRX’s brand film that showcases the spirit of fitness and leverages the HRX virtual community during lockdown. 


Create a motivating narrative film from the crowd-sourced content to capture the brand’s core philosophy of - ’Keep Going’

  • From pre-production to post-production, every step of the process took place remotely, following the COVID protocols. 

  • Hrithik Sir’s narration about the journey of an athlete - the highs and lows, the perseverance and hard work, perfectly encapsulates the essence of HRX and gives a structure to their overarching theme of ‘Keep Going’. 

  • Real users and community members were contacted to send in clips of their workout during the lockdown, which was stitched together to make a cinematic brand film.  

  • Leveraging YouTube Shorts as a platform, the film garnered over 8.3+ million organic views. 

  • The success of the campaign generated increased sales - an astounding record of 3000+ products sold. 

  • The campaign also received media attention as it was covered by publications such as Brand Equity of Economic Times and Exchange for Media. 

  • With a customer-centric approach to promotion, this UGC campaign strengthened and brought the community together - encouraging and motivating each other to ‘keep going’ despite the testing times.

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