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Noise X-Fit 2

HRX is a brand by the actor Hrithik Roshan along with Exceed Entertainment and Myntra. This launch introduces the new X-Fit 2 watch with Vaani Kapoor as a brand ambassador of HRX. 


To create new-age snackable content for the launch of the new X-Fit 2 watch by HRX in collaboration with the brand Noise, starring Vaani Kapoor.


Having studied HRX and Noise’s target audience, we decided to approach the brief in a manner that would highly appeal to the Gen-Z demographic and be dynamic in its look and aesthetic sensibility.

  • Through our initiative, Purpose Bolt, we leveraged time and celebrity effort to create high impact content pieces. 

  • Tailored for the consumption of the Gen-Z and millennial TG - each video is treated with dynamic cuts, catchy music and high-energy to create a global appeal and fit the digital ecosystem.

  • With the use of visual effects and experimental editing - the four content pieces set themselves apart from other product launches - with Vaani Kapoor at the forefront. 

  • Groovy upbeat music complements the international look and feel of the videos - to create a fun and energetic environment and elevate the brand’s status as a brand for the masses. 

  • The content pieces were appreciated and performed phenomenally in their stead - giving results that exceeded the brand’s expectations. 

  • The videos collectively garnered over 70 lakhs worth of organic views across all digital platforms. 

  • The pieces were reshared by Vaani Kapoor as well as Hrithik Roshan  - on their personal accounts, and received tremendous love and support. 

  • This helped in  accelerating the product launch - and affirmed the brand’s position beyond simply sports apparel. 

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