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HRX- Women's Collection 

HRX is a brand by the actor Hrithik Roshan along with Exceed Entertainment and Myntra with the tagline “Keep Going” to inspire people to achieve their fitness goals.


Create digital content to introduce its new female brand ambassadors with one day to shoot with both of them.


We began by researching about Gabriella and Diva’s personalities by asking them questions like, what does fitness mean to you? How do you achieve it? . It was also important to understand their body movements so as to tailor the cinematography perfectly for the film. We understood that individually, they represented two facets of the campaign with a common theme- to keep going.


For Diva, workouts were more freestyle that involve pilates and stretching while Gabriella loves playing football and has a more regimented style. Keeping this in mind, we decided to shoot separate videos for each, to bring out what they did best.


One of our unique styles of working involve giving a major emphasis to the music in our videos. They are selected after careful consideration of the brand’s positioning, target audience and of course, the video’s content itself. The vibe of these videos were kept young and athletic with a backing track of fast-paced beats juxtaposed with the sound of heavy breathing at the end. This was a subtle way to symbolize that fitness is not just about play, it requires perseverance as well.


We had two hours each with Gabriella and Diva.  As these videos were to introduce the new line for women, product visibility was also given importance. This was achieved with split screen to add emphasis not only to the product but also its movement. The aspect ratio along with the white border further gave a clean look to the videos.


The introduction of female brand ambassadors helped the brand reach a new target consumer. And the campaign pushed the idea that a journey is not about the winner, but who can keep going despite adversities- which is what HRX stands for.

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