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HRX Transformation Film 

‘Kabir & Beyond’ is the transformation film starring Hrithik Roshan created for his sports brand HRX. A film that broke the internet, we successfully brought the brand together with Bollywood’s biggest superstar to deliver their core philosophy of - Keep Going.


Purpose Studios was approached to make a film, which documented actor Hrithik Roshan’s journey towards becoming the best version of himself for his upcoming movie, War.


To present an up-close and never-before-seen side of Hrithik Roshan as a fitness inspiration and motivational role model to millions through a timeless piece of content for the brand that stays relevant in long-term perspective.

  • With a storytelling approach, we ensured the product placements were organic and not forced. This also meant that while filming, we never interfered with the trainer while he was at work or ask anyone to move according to the camera placements.

  • To make the film even more authentic, we requested Hrithik Sir to write a personal monologue for the end sequence, which perfectly tied up the film with an impactful and cathartic conclusion. 

  • While filming, we would ask Sir questions in real-time to capture his current state of mind as opposed to having the usual post-interview session. 

  • Further, our marketing strategy was to promote brand awareness and relevancy for HRX amongst their current and prospective customers with universally relatable content.


The response on the trailer (‘The Other Side of Kabir’) the main film (‘Kabir and Beyond’) exceeded our expectations! 

  • Viral: About 30 million views on the trailer and 51 million+ views on the main film across digital platforms.

  • Growth: HRX gained 150K+ subscribers on its YouTube channel. 

  • Performance: One of the most viewed and best-performing posts on Hrithik Roshan’s social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, with over 81 million+ cumulative views. 

  • Engagement: Beyond the numbers, the engagement included user-generated content with 100s of reaction videos made by fans across the globe. 

  • Google Trend Analysis: During the launch week, we crunched the numbers on google trends and found that the word ‘HRX’ had the highest search term, about 4 times more on YouTube in India as when compared to other international sports brands such Nike, Puma & Adidas.

  • Media Traction: The film garnered a lot of media attention – free PR and numerous articles written by well-known publications like Hindustan Times, The Indian Express and so on. 

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