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IBW Roadster

IBW or India Bike Week is one of the biggest gatherings for all bike enthusiasts. A shared passion for the road and adventure came together under the open sky where we filmed real-life Roadsters and their stories cruising through the exciting 2-day event.


To create a launch video that celebrates the Roadster’s community - ‘Real Life Roadsters’ at IBW 2019.


Biking as a sport is adrenaline-inducing for both the viewer and performer, and our film captures this exhilarating energy at the event. Keeping the thrill the sport brings to bike enthusiasts’ minds, we filmed from a "point-of-view" perspective.

  • From gravity-defying bike stunts to moments of celebrating brotherhood, we captured different experiences and stories at IBW.  

  • With the narrative of three Roadsters attending the IBW, we also brought together the community and created a film that loves to celebrate biking and adventure. While the bikers come to enjoy the fest and hit the road after it ends, we capture the cherishable moments to show that road lovers don’t stop and the journey continues. 

  • The music and visuals were integral elements that aided in evoking the electrifying feeling of the festival.

  • The video was very-well received by the biking community, forging a stronger brand association and customer loyalty with Roadster.

  • The positive comments we received from the biking community was the biggest validation to know that we were able to encapsulate the sentiments of the event successfully. 

  • With many other brands present at the event, Roadster stood out amongst the rest as the main partner at IBW increasing its brand awareness.

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