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Michelle Poonawala- Artist Profile

Michelle Poonawala is an artist based in Pune who is best known for her installation titled “Introspection” and creates dynamic, three dimensional works that have a distinct, contemporary sensibility.


To create an artist profile video to be showcased at her exhibitions that are held in India and overseas.


Art curators and lovers tend to appreciate the process behind the painting too when they admire it. So we decided that instead of a simple exhibition-style video of all her works, we capture her creating one painting elaborately- a classic paint-on-canvas art.


Michelle was in the midst of painting for her upcoming exhibition. The shots traced her knife and brush strokes on the canvas to show the process behind her art along with closeups of her mixing the colors, to add texture to the video. Her engrossed expression with a dark ambience brought out her passion towards her craft.


The profile ends with a standalone shot of her final piece to leave the viewer with a lasting impression.


The film is played at every Michelle Poonawalla exhibition. Pictures from the shoot are widely used when Michelle Poonawalla is mentioned - from newspaper to online articles.

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