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Myntra Diwali Film

Myntra is India’s largest e-commerce store for all things fashion and lifestyle. For their Diwali campaign, we shot a soul-stirring festive film that celebrated the joy of giving.


To create an emotional and Diwali centric film for Myntra that intelligibly integrates the brand and its core message of spreading joy. The film was made in a way that painted Myntra as an enabler of joy for all your happy occasions through humane storytelling.


Our objective was to capture the impact of simple gestures such as kindness on one’s life. In the film, the essence of Diwali primarily is - the joy that comes from giving. We based the film on a middle-class family and captured their Diwali celebration to reach and appeal to maximum hearts in the country,

  • Dealing with a sensitive story, we made sure not to encourage stereotypes in any shape or form in the film. The maid was casted as someone fair and young, straying far away from how stereotypically domestic helpers are shown to be unkept or ragged.

  • Music is an integral aspect of the film- it complemented and evoked the emotions we wanted to communicate to the audience. 

  • No visual story is impactful with just a single plot, there needs to be more depth to it for the viewers to be more involved in the film. This was achieved by adding layers like the whistle of the pressure cooker that symbolized the pressure and sadness on the maid's mind. 

  • The brand products were subtly placed in the film which didn't take away attention from the story. To maintain credibility, every product placed and worn by the characters were from Myntra. 

  • The film became a timeless and wholesome brand of content that was praised all across the country. 

  • The film has 11+ million views on YouTube, 1.5+ million views on Facebook and Instagram collectively. 

  • Moreover, the heartwarming comments received on all platforms was proof of how well-received the film was.

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