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Myntra Lockdown Films 

We made Myntra's first piece of communication after it got the green signal to resume delivering during the Pandemic.


To create short and witty product films announcing Myntra’s resumption of operations during unlock. 


Adhering to Myntra's fun brand personality and the severity of the lockdown - we approached the films with a tone of light-heartedness and relatability.

  • Shooting during the pandemic was challenging  – with different teams and crew members in different locations across the country, everything from pre-production to post-production took place remotely, abiding by the Covid restrictions. 

  • By structuring the film’s narrative to bring forth relatable problems faced by customers during the pandemic, whether it's cutting your own hair or DIY-ing your clothes, we effectively positioned Myntra as the problem-solver.

  • Due to certain restrictions such as absence of professional lighting while shooting remotely, we overcame the challenge by creatively fixing it in post-production.

  • The videos performed tremendously across all digital platforms with over 40+ million views on YouTube and 2+ million views on Instagram. 

  • Being Myntra’s first piece of communication after lockdown, the films successfully maximized the brand’s customer engagement and generated an impressive jump in their sales during the pandemic.  

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