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Pinklay- Tribute to Artisans

Pinklay is an Indian home decor brand that fuses contemporary styles with traditional crafts and culture.


Create a video that documents the making of Pinklay’s products and serves as a tribute to the artisans.


Each project begins with a thorough study of the brand’s values and aesthetics. Since Pinklay is all about going back to your roots, we decided to go back to the same environment where the products are made.  The video was shot in Jaipur were the making of the handicrafts were filmed without creating any disruptions to their work. This helped us capture a raw and authentic insight into the process- from weaving to printing.


The video begins with the title “Hunar” written in Devanagari script. It alludes to the intent of the film i.e. showcasing the skills of the craftsmen who create designs for the brand.


The colors were kept similar to the brand’s primary colors- blue, green and white. The colors are  also symbolic of the brand being inspired by natural elements which we showcased in the form of visuals like water, trees (earth) and light breeze (air). The cinematography evoked a sense of connectedness to the craft along with the almost nostalgic music.


A thread connects all of these aspects. The contentment in the smiles of the craftsmen along with the image of a woman running her hands softly along the fabric show the satisfaction the products provide.


Videos that showcase new collections can only last a season before it goes into the archive. Films like these have a longer lifespan and appeal to the new-age, ethical consumer who is conscious about where their products have come from. Along with this film the brand could position itself as an ethical manufacturer.

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