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Pinklay- Kids

Pinklay, the Indian home decor brand launched its kids collection of cushions, quilts, toys and so on.


Create video content that would showcase the brand’s new line of kids collections. The desired vibe was that of an outdoor, summer-y one.


The setting of this video was thus kept at a beachside on a summer afternoon. A beach was deliberately chosen to emphasize the idea of “outdoor play” since it is associated with memories of parents watching their kids build sandcastles. This communicates and encourages the parents to spend time with their children and actively play with them- something that is lost in their busy lives. 


The approach for this video had to be slightly different because in this case, the customers were the parents but the end users were the kids. Due to this duality of target audience, we gave the film a nostalgic feel full of childhood innocence and fun. The tagline was hence “All things beautiful for your little ones”


The children are shown interacting with the product with laughter and smiles on their faces. The brand positions itself as one that intends to “start conversations and create memories”. So the video was less utility-driven and more feel-driven with the nostalgic feel becoming significant. The music is peppy and upbeat to go with the vibe.

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