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  • Dolly Darbar

The Top 5 Film-making Blogs

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

An on-set experience is one of the best ways to learn the tricks of film-making but not all young filmmakers can be on-set all the time and many don’t even have the opportunity. Other than an on-set experience, film-making blogs are the best ways to learn the craft of film-making. Blogs are the best resources to further your knowledge base related to film-making and video production. There are many reliable resources and blogs online that will help you improve your film-making skills and take your expertise on another level. To help you out, we have put together the best film-making production blogs you should start following and read as often you can.


The cost of film school can be exorbitant. So if you can’t afford to go to film school yourself, this is the best place for you to learn the art and craft of film-making. Light Film School is an Online Film School. The blog covers a wide collection of topics from, how to write a movie script to direction, editing to sound design and everything in between. The articles have resources like YouTube videos and external links. They also have an online film-making course, music course and many other courses.

2. No Film School

If you’re just starting out, then No Film School is a best place to start educating yourself. It's a worldwide community of filmmakers, video producers, and independent creatives where filmmakers learn from each other. With multiple articles added regularly, they have educational and industry related articles. The articles cover every topic from fundraising & Crowdfunding to Screenwriting, cinematography & cameras, sound & music, camera tech etc and as well as informative interviews with industry experts. No Film School has everything for an artist from blogs to podcasts and video essays and more.


Premium Beat, a Shutterstock company, provides you not only with royalty free music and sound effects for your videos but also has its own blog. The beat provides resources and insights on topics like cinematography, video editing, and everything pre to post-production. The blog pays an exceptional importance on post production aspects like colour grading, motion graphics, video gear and software like after effects, cinema 4D. Premium beat’s blog is a productive resource for anything related to filmmaking as they provide expert advice straight from filmmakers.


As if offering after effect templates and video elements packs weren’t enough, Rocketstock, a Shutterstock company also provides you with tutorials and blogs on industrial and post production aspects like VFX, AE, video editing and more. This blog is perfect for anyone looking to sharpen their post-production skills. Rocketstock features sections devoted entirely to AE, motion design and VFX-related articles.


This one is for aspiring independent filmmakers out there. Noam Kroll is an award-winning narrative film director based in Los Angeles, California. The blog articles share fundamental storytelling techniques in the areas of story, direction, cinematography, editing etc. The blog also provides resources for independent filmmaking by sharing camera/gear reviews, inspiration, post-production techniques, editing software, and other tools that will help you sharpen the independent filmmaking craft. Noam Kroll also provides you with podcasts on topics related to independent filmmaking.

Let us know about your favorite filmmaking blog in the comment section below.

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