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Shah Luxury- Campaign-Meet the Makers

Shah Luxury Group has been in the diamond and jewelry industry producing world-class jewelry that not only appeals to the most discerning clients in the United States and Canada, but also to those in markets across the globe.


We were tasked with creating a film and photo-series on the people behind the making of a ring.


Buyers of jewellery, especially the high-end ones expect the highest quality of craftsmanship. A tiny cut on the jewel makes a world of difference to its sparke. Since the brand positioned itself as being a luxury jeweler that aims for perfection, we decided to show why it deserves to be called so.


The makers understand that rings are mostly given as a symbol of a deep, personal bond. So at every step they give utmost importance to precision and quality.


The script was written after discussing with their team and portrays the understanding that the makers have of their client’s sensibilities.


In the film, the voiceover spoken from the point of view of the makers were added to show their thought process, their passion for the craft and why the take their job seriously. It connects the makers to the viewers and to-be buyers.


The photo series captures the focused gaze of the makers during work and their smiles between shots to give a humane touch to the process.

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