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Spykar - Corporate Film

Spykar is India's leading jeanswear brand for the youth.


To make a corporate film mainly targeted towards investors and industry professionals


The vibe of the film was decided keeping in mind the brand tagline “Young & Restless”. The idea was to retain the industry style of a corporate film but infuse it with the energy of youthfulness. This was done through the contemporary cinematography and rock instrumental as the backing track.   


Since the purpose of the video was to showcase Spykar as the leading fashion denim brand in India, the script focused on the company’s landmark achievements. Infographics were kept towards the end keeping the target audience in mind and to drive the point home.


Corporate films usually tend to be condensed with facts making it dreary to watch. We executed a new take on it by keeping the core content that the client wanted while playing around with visuals and narrative style to make it interesting.

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