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House of Pataudi - Stories of Love

House of Pataudi is an ethnic wear brand co-owned by Saif Ali Khan, Myntra and Exceed Entertainment.


Purpose Studios was approached to create timeless content for House of Pataudi that communicated the brand as an enabler of joyous moments and love between the couples across the country. 


We wanted to capture love stories of real people from diverse cultural backgrounds to establish an emotional connection with their customers.

  • The series was divided into three chapters featuring three real couples sharing their love story — each unique and endearing in their own ways. 

  • The goal was to capture real stories and real emotions. Since the couples were non-actors, in pre-production stages we developed a format such that the flow was unscripted (allowing genuine responses from the couple) whilst also staying aligned to the brief. 

  • Music is at the heart of the film. Therefore, we took the regional approach by incorporating soulful, local music. To further the cultural relevance, we also include local references such as tea and food as a recurring element across the three films. 

  • Product placement was integrated organically in the narrative. 

  • We also wanted to translate the romance visually by incorporating various metaphors. As storytellers, during our writing process, we developed a common theme that would appeal to the viewer’s subconscious whilst also adding a greater depth to the narrative. each of them had a consistent natural element, in chapter one- water, chapter two- fire and chapter three- air, these sub-layers helped in tying up the entire film together seamlessly.

  • The films performed phenomenally in their stead and gave results that exceeded our expectations!

  • We won a silver award for ‘Best Regional Communication’ at The Kaleido Awards. 

  • The films collectively garnered over 2.6 million views on YouTube, 135k+ views on Instagram, 7.9+ million views on Facebook.

  • Love is the universal language, these local love stories didn’t just resonate with the local regions but with the entire country.

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