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  • Rutwik Deshpande

5 Great Indian Films You’re Likely To Have Missed In The Cinemas

Once upon a time, there used to be this mystical place called a movie theatre. Friends and family used to get together and watch movies on a big screen along with a bunch of strangers in order to have a community experience and to view the films in all their glory. But jokes apart, since the pandemic hit us, going to a movie theatre has been a distant dream for most of us.

Missing out on some great movies that have come out recently sure bothers every cinephile. But even when things were better, even when we could go to the cinemas, there are some incredible movies that you must have missed out on. This could be because they released with bigger films, weren’t marketed extensively, or just didn’t garner the word of mouth they should’ve.

But OTT platforms have given us an opportunity to revisit some of these movies and enjoy what we previously missed out on.

Here is a list of 5 great movies that you’re likely to have missed in the cinemas:

  • Filmistaan

This is a story about a man obsessed with Hindi films who get stranded near the India-Pakistan border, only to be captured and held captive by terrorists in Pakistan. Released in 2014, Filmistaan doesn’t have a single dull moment. You’re either in splits laughing at the protagonist Sunny’s antics, or are genuinely scared for him when he takes it a bit too far with the brooding terrorist, played fantastically by Kumud Misha.

But the real magic of the movie lies in the moments of silence, as the subtext keeps getting more pronounced. It is when we realize that the neighboring countries are more similar than dissimilar, is when we truly understand what the movie is trying to say. And if this doesn’t convince you to watch the movie, it has a National Award to show for it as well.

  • Bhavesh Joshi Superhero

Making a superhero origin movie in India was always going to be a gamble. So, who better than Vikramaditya Motwane to undertake this project? This movie is about Sakku and his transformation from being a normal citizen who votes, protests but also bribes—into becoming a superhero who pretty much takes on the entire system.

This movie exposes about the flaws in our systems and makes us think hard about where we live. And to top that off, the chase sequences around the streets of Mumbai show the city in a light that it’s never been shown in before. But in the end, the whole thing doesn’t quite come together. A release with a big-budget movie also didn’t do this movie any favors. But Bhavesh Joshi Superhero is a compelling tale told with conviction, one which you should definitely watch!

  • Sulemani Keeda

The best way I can describe Sulemani Keeda is that it is a love story. It is a story that is in love with its characters, Mumbai city, and filmmaking itself. The movie transitions from juvenile sex joke to profound life lessons seamlessly. It is a TVF production and brings all the quirks that TVF offers along with it.

The movie talks about themes like pseudo-intellectualism, pursuing an improbable romantic relationship, and asks us to decide who we really want to be. Sulemani Keeda is not a movie we asked for, but one that we very well deserve. And in that endeavor, it also manages to slip in a wonderful metaphor about life. I’d highly recommend this movie!

  • Do Dooni Chaar

Do Dooni Chaar is so many things- a comedy, a family drama, a road trip movie, a movie about aspirations and greed, and ultimately a movie about the true nature of the society we live in. But above all, it is heart-warming. This is a story about a family who aspires to buy a car. All the actors play their parts with ease and empathy. Delhi becomes an important character in the story as well.

You know, sometimes it’s hard to separate a star from an actor. The persona of a big star often overrides their characters. But this never happens with Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor. We feel like they’re people like us, and we feel like they could be in our living room and we wouldn’t notice. And for that very reason, we let them into our hearts. Do Dooni Chaar not only gets the math right but also its emotion.

  • Dhobi Ghat

Dhobi Ghat is a harrowing tale about how the lives of 4 people in Mumbai, whose lives are woven together in one way or another. The movie makes important statements about the caste-divide, elitism, and existentialism.

The most special thing about Dhobi Ghat is that every time I watch it, I notice something new and something different which stays with me. The colors and sounds used in the movie are almost poetic. The movie does just enough to make you feel comfortable but ensures that you never quite feel too settled. This is a must-watch!

Let us know what you think of these movies once you’ve watched them, and write down the names of similar movies we might have missed in the comments below!

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